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We, Tanaka Giken Industries Co., Ltd. founded as a mushroom production company in early 60’s when bottle cultivation system was spread over Japan. At that time all mushroom growing process was operated by human hand which was time-consuming and low productivity. Finding the possibilities of automated large-scale mushroom production, we first invented automatic bottle filling system and turned into a machine manufacture. Since then, we have developed variety of automated equipments for automated mushroom growers.

Associated Company

Fresh Factory Corp.
229 Katashio, Nakano City, Nagano Pref., 383-0046, JAPAN
Greenhouse tomato production

Dalian Shinshu Mushroom Production Supplies Co., Ltd.
No.10 Changbang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, 116610, CHINA


1964 Tanaka Mushroom Farm is founded.
Machinery production department is established.
1978 First factory starts its operation.
1988 Second factory starts its operation.
1990 Third factory starts its operation.
1991 Change of company name as Tanaka Giken Industries Co., Ltd.
2009 Dalian Shinshu Mushroom Production Supplies Co., Ltd is established in Dalian China.
2012 Third factory integrated with second factory. Newly-built third factory starts its operation.
2013 Forth factory starts its operation.